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Accounting and Finanace


Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
Price: $450.00
In recent years, the globalization of financial markets, the emergence of international banking regulations and the rapid growth of new sophisticated products have dramatically elevated the role risk management plays in an organization. The Financial Risk Manager (FRM) exam leads to the Financial Risk Manager Certification - a prestigious designation granted by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) since 1997. GARP certifies Risk professionals, Practitioners & Regulators as eligible for independent risk management analysis and decision making for the benefit of the company and its investors.. Click here for the full description of Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

Professional Risk Manager (PRM)
Price: $450.00
The Professional Risk Manager Program is a competitive exam that tests a professional’s competence in the field of risk management. This program is certified by The Professional Risk Managers International Association (PRMIA). Visit their website Today’s risk professional is expected by regulators and shareholders alike to know and understand industry best practices and to be committed to using them. The PRM certification sends the message to stakeholders that you set the standards. This course offers the students online tutorials for certification exams, ePRM Coach, and a comprehensive self-study guide for the Professional Risk Manager (PRM).. Click here for the full description of Professional Risk Manager (PRM)


Banking Management Operations
Price: $575.00
This program acquaints the participants with an in-depth understanding of various knowledge areas that are required of banking professionals. The students will be equipped with the knowledge of the various banking products, operational aspects, and various technology and regulatory requirements. The students will also be provided with essential management and operational technology skills required to work effectively.. Full description of Banking Management Operations

Corporate Treasury Management
Price: $575.00
This program is designed to introduce students to the many career options in the finance profession, including cash and treasury management. It also provides students with the analytical expertise and practical knowledge necessary to excel in finance professions.. Full description of Corporate Treasury Management

Financial Planning and Wealth Management
Price: $575.00
Financial Planning and Wealth Management are key skills needed for today’s leaders. In this course you will be presented with the key information needed to help you understand the basic aspects of estate planning and various methods of property transfers, gifts and gift tax. In addition Information is presented regarding The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act which requires institutions to disclose privacy policies, and limits instances in which consumer information can be shared. Also covered is Insurance Concepts, Mutual Funds & Retirement Planning.. Full description of Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Global Capital Markets
Price: $575.00
The certificate in Global Capital Markets is a specialized program for professionals who want to acquire in-depth understanding of the financial markets. This course integrates the conceptual knowledge with procedural information about how markets function along with analysis skills.. Full description of Global Capital Markets

Retail Banking
Price: $575.00
This program acquaints the participants with an in-depth understanding of various knowledge areas that are required of a modern banking professional. The students will be equipped with the knowledge of the various retail banking products, how to effectively sell these products and services, and how to build a long-term relationship with their customers. The students will also be provided with essential technology skills required to work effectively.. Full description of Retail Banking


Asset and Liability Management for Insurance Companies
Price: $600.00
The program has been designed to discuss concepts and case studies on Asset Liability Management for the insurance industry. The course discusses and reviews ALM concepts such as cash flows and risks of insurance products (assets and liabilities), applicable regulatory and capital guidelines, actual case studies and current trends and developments. The course has been designed to be conceptually sound and practical.. Full description of Asset and Liability Management for Insurance Companies

Corporate Governance Training
Price: $295.00
Corporate governance deals with the complex set of relationships between the corporation and its board of directors, management, shareholders, and other stakeholders. In the recent years, the regulators and legislators have intensified their focus on how businesses are being run. They are endeavoring to create a template for new corporate governance and disclosure measures, which is beneficial for both the stakeholders and controllers.. Full description of Corporate Governance Training

Credit Derivatives Training
Price: $585.00
The development of credit derivatives is a logical extension of two significant developments: securitization, and derivatives. Credit derivatives are contracts that transfer an asset’s risk and return from one counterparty to another without transferring ownership of the underlying asset. The choice of the contract depends upon the goals a financial institution is looking to achieve. The global market for credit derivatives is still quite small compared with other derivatives markets, but it is growing rapidly. A number of impediments could slow the growth of this market, most of which revolve around the complexity involved in pricing and documenting these transactions.. Full description of Credit Derivatives Training

Operational Risk Management
Price: $450.00
Changes in markets, techniques, technologies, and products have altered the landscape of Operations and fueled the explosive development of Operational Risk management. The regulators of financial and public companies are demanding a far greater level of disclosure and awareness by directors about the risks they manage and the effectiveness of the controls they have in place to reduce or mitigate these risks. There is also a greater realization that a major source of earnings volatility can be attributed to the way a firm operates and not “financial risk”. All these changes have triggered the need for an efficient Operational Risk Management system in organizations.. Full description of Operational Risk Management